Long Term Disability

Here is some information when filing a Long Term Disability claim.

You are eligible for LTD after being out of work for 6 months or more even if you are out due to an Injury on Duty(ID). Normally you should start the LTD paperwork around 4 months of being out of work so that when the 6 month waiting period is over you can start collecting your LTD benefit.

You are also entitled to collecting Social Security disability when out of work due to illness or Injury. You should contact your local Social Security department for the proper forms. If you are turned down for Social Security disability, you should always appeal the denial.

Here are some advantages of appealing the denial.

  • If the LTD policy contains the cost-of-living increase provision,your monthly LTD benefits will not reduce due to a Social Security cost of living increase.
  • If receiving Social Security disability, your earnings record will be frozen thereby protecting your old age benefit during the years that you are unemployed because of a disability
  • If you are receiving Social Security disability for more than 24 months you may be eligible for medicare.